Achievements of ASEKOL group

219, 303 MWh

In 2014, recycling of equipment via the ASEKOL compliance scheme saved 219, 303 MWh of electricity, 949 million litres of water and more than 11 million litres of oil.

ISO certificates

ASEKOL guarantee quality of services by holding ISO certificates for quality (ISO 9001) and environmental management (ISO 14001) as well as information security (ISO 27001).


ASEKOL is represented in executive bodies and the experts group of the international organisation WEEELABEX.


Not-for-profit formula and annual audit confirm the transparency of ASEKOL’s management.

Sheltered workshops

ASEKOL provides work to more than 150 people with altered working ability in sheltered workshops.

16,000 collection points

ASEKOL has more than 16,000 collection points all around the Czech Republic, and their number continues to rise.

300 projects

Since 2008, ASEKOL Fund has supported more than 300 projects and distributed almost CZK 17 million among them.


ASEKOL SK strengthened its top position in the IT and consumer electronics segment.

Market leader

With its absolute highest number of clients and installed output, ASEKOL Solar became the market leader in the area of photovoltaic panels.


Every second year, ASEKOL organises the international Take-Back Conference. The last was held in 2015 and included board meetings of WEEE Forum.
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