What do you gain by cooperating with Asekol PL?


Law on waste electrical and electronic equipment and law on batteries bring many obligations to the producers and importers. Entrust us with fulfilling them - on behalf of you we will perform most duties:

  • Professionally, on time, according to the highest standards
    Our team of professionals ensures the fulfilling of all commitments. We provide our services always with the utmost care, retain all legal, environmental and quality standards.
  • With high efficiency and competitive pricing
    We offer very competitive prices for all customers and additionally special discounts for companies cooperating with us in more than one country.
  • By adjusting our activities to your needs
    We adapt to you - create an offer tailored to your needs. We will conduct educational campaigns promoting your concern for the environment.
  • Providing advising and assistance
    If necessary - we are always at your disposal. Use our advices on waste electrical and electronic equipment and batteries and accumulators. We are happy to give any explanations, dispel doubts, conduct the training.

By deciding to work with Asekol PL you will not bear the cost of:

  • Product fees (penalties)
    We are covering all risk related to penalties arising from failure to comply with statutory obligations.
  • Financial guaranties
    In case you introduce the equipment designed for households and you don’t have agreement with the compliance scheme, you are obliged to bring financial guarantees for the calendar year in an amount equivalent to the product of the weight of equipment introduced in the previous year and the product fee, which is 7,50 zł/kg for lamps and 1.80 zł/kg for other products.
  • Educational campaigns
    Under the contract, we will fulfil obligation of conducting public educational campaigns. In case you chose to conduct them on your own, you would have to incur expenditures in the amount of 0.1% of revenues derived from the income from the introduction of products on the market.
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