Every producer and importer introducing electrical and electronic equipment to the market is obliged to:

  • obtain BDO registration number before first introduction to the market
  • placing BDO registration number on every sales document (like invoices) related to batteries
  • ensure proper marking of products with a graphic symbol for purposes of separated collection and take-back 
  • attach to the products information about obligation of selective collection of WEEE and potential effects for environment of not compliance take back
  • organizing and financing WEEE take back system: collecting equipment, treatment, recovery, recycling and disposal of waste equipment from households
  • contracting collecting and treatment facilities
  • acheiving minimum annual collection, recovery and recycling levels
  • conducting and financing public education campaigns with proper reporting to autorities
  • preparing and submitting to GIOŚ bi-annual reports of quantity and mass of batteries introduced to the market, collected and treated
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